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Melbourne trio MOD CON deliver a winner in our Best New Music review

Credit: Jamie Wdziekonski

X-Ray is the third widely recognised song highlighted on MOD CON’s latest album, Modern Condition.

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Trailing ‘learner in an Alpha’ and ‘ammo’, ‘x-ray’ is quick-wit with sparkle. The four or so minute track shows off the Melbourne trio’s swagger post-punk. ‘X-Ray’ underlines observing and a person’s individuality.

MOD CON are Erica Dunn, Sara Retallick and Raquel Solier.

Erica has several side projects – Harmony, a solo project known as Palm Springs and she is the guitarist and sometimes vocalist of art punk beloveds, Tropical Fuck Storm.

X-Ray is our Best New Music song of the week

Modern Condition was released via Poison City Records on October 22

Other songs to feature on the list –

Julia Shapiro has released her new solo album Zorked

Last September I went on a backpacking trip with my cousins, up in the mountains of Colorado, and one of the days we were out there we did mushrooms. I ended up having a pretty insane trip, but I had the worst time when I was coming up on them. I kept seeing evil faces in the mountains. This song was partially inspired by that experience, but it’s really about anytime I’m stuck in a negative headspace and spiraling out of control. It’s about giving in and letting your mind take you to the darkest places. The song itself is really evil sounding, with super dissonant chords, which inspired the darker lyrics. I’ve never written a song that sounds like this. This might be my favorite drumbeat on the album … it just gives the song a nice groove. Melina Duterte (who recorded/mixed the album) had the idea to add some staccato synth throughout the whole track, which adds another dimension to it.” – Julia Shapiro in a statement

Julia Shapiro Photo by Eleanor Petry

“Come With Me” is the result of a fearful experience caused by a bad mushroom trip.

The song is completely engrossing and will leave you feeling zorked.

Zorked is the second solo album released by, according to Paste Magazine “the patron Saint of Seattle indie” – Chastity Belt frontwoman Julia Shapiro.

Zorked is influenced by psych rock, dreamy, noise pop and delves into the set of shared beliefs as a collective in the society we occupy today. Zorked is also personal.

Listen to Come With Me below

We hope you don’t feel Zorked

“I was made for you, and you were made for me” – Two icons of Australian rock unite with a gem

Credit: Michelle Young

In a statement, delighted bassist Ray Ahn announced “I’m thrilled to have Tim (Rogers) on board, and am loving his contribution!

Hard-Ons possess an incomparable history for an Aussie punk band, however, a new era has arrived. I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken is the thirteenth studio album by the Sydney based punk legends and it is the first album to feature new vocalist, You Am I frontman, Tim Rogers.

Hold Tight is the first available song from the album, listen below

And there is more…

Snail Mail, Band Of Horses, The Wombats join Bonobo, Magdalena Bay and Elbow on a remarkable weekly playlist.

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